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Europe Day 8 : Limoges

Today was a day of work for me.  I consider myself very fortunate that I’m able to work remotely while traveling which allows me to take such a long trip and break a day each week for work.  We still managed to get out to a wonderful restaurant for dinner with a few friends.  The restaurant specializes in local beef which is aged on the property and is incredibly flavorful.  My son was happy with his steak and our friends all ordered the “Riz de Veau” which we found out is the throat meat of veal.  As much as I wanted to try some, I just could not get the nerve to do so and ate my asparagus and foie gras instead.

Europe Day 7 : Brantome

It’s about a 2 hour drive from Limoges to Brantome which is a beautiful town in the Perigueux region known for its foie gras and truffles.  Our friend was kind enough to drive us and give us a tour of the old monastery built near natural caves formed in the mountains.  The town is peaceful and we enjoyed strolling and looking in all the shops for souvenirs.  The highlight of the trip though was the restaurant our friend took us to for lunch called Charbonnel.  We were seated on the outside terrace overlooking the river Drone on a beautifully set table.  The staff was wonderful and made us feel very welcome.  After taking our order, they brought us some savory canapes of cannelle, cheese madeleines and a melon soup.  We enjoyed each course of the meal which was beautifully executed, was perfectly cooked and seasoned.  I hope the photos below do some justice.  Needless to say, my dinner that night was a yogurt as I was still full from this lovely experience.


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