Europe Day 3 : From Nyon to Lyon

After a leisurely morning of waking up late, a long walk along Lake Geneva and a lazy breakfast of croissant, cheese & fruit, we packed our bags and headed to the train station in Nyon for our journey to Lyon France.  The 20 minute train ride took us to the main train station in Geneva, Cornavin where we caught our TER train to Lyon.  I wish I could say the train ride was picturesque, but to tell the truth, I was tired and napped for most of the two hour ride.

After arriving in Lyon, we caught a taxi to our hotel and were happy to chill out for a little bit.  Once settled, we enjoyed a drink at the hotel bar before heading out for dinner at Cite 33.  My son ordered a salmon sushi platter while I opted for the Veau Milanese (Veal Milanese) with a glass of Sancerre, both very good.  I’m not sure if the service was more than the typically inattentive, French style or if we were just too tired to deal with it, but we were pretty annoyed with our wait staff after requesting the check a fourth time.  I generally enjoy the slow service in Europe, so I’m guessing I just wanted to get to bed.

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