Spicy Sunset


1 oz chili Vodka (recipe below)
3 oz mango pulp (available at Indian markets)
3 – 4 fresh basil leaves
Juice of half lime
Pinch of Fleur de sel or sea salt


Place all ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker.  Shake vigorously to combine and strain into a martini glass.  Serve with a dash of cayenne or cardamom on top depending on preference.  I like the cardamom.  For a more pronounced basil flavor, you may mash the basil leaves up in the shaker before adding the ice and remaining ingredients.

Chili Vodka

1 750ml bottle Vodka (I used Grey Goose)
2 – 3 Thai green chilis – a small slit cut into each one.


Insert the chilies into the vodka bottle and let infuse for 2 weeks.  Strain out the chilies and pour vodka back into its original bottle.  Use when needed but keep in mind, the vodka will have quite a kick to it so use sparingly.

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