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Europe Day 1 : Geneva & Nyon

My passion for travel is equal to my love for food. I consider myself a traveler, not a tourist and over the years have made friends who live around the world which makes for more interesting travel experiences than simply visiting tourist sites and staying in hotel chains.  I love to spend time with locals and in local supermarkets wherever I go and try to learn any local languages enough to allow for simple conversations.

I have known my friend in Nyon for more than 25 years.  She relocated here post marriage.  Our kids have grown up worlds apart, only seeing each other a few times over the years, yet seem to mesh together as if they’ve been neighbors all their lives; not an easy feat with teenagers.

After arriving in Geneva, we spent our morning walking around downtown and the  lake, stopping for coffee and croissant, before heading to our friends’ home in Nyon.  The remaining meals were home cooked, delicious and shared over wonderful conversations and Swiss wines. We had cheese, cured beef, a salad of beautiful greens, bread and local cherries for lunch, went for a walk along Lake Geneva in the neighboring town of Rolle and then returned to a dinner of Thai spiced salmon, noodles and roasted vegetables.  Somehow, everything tastes better in Europe.  I’m not really sure why, perhaps it’s because I’m on vacation, but I truly believe it is more than just that.

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