Daily Archives: August 12, 2016

Foodie Road Trip Through The Golden State

It has been nearly ten years since I have been on a real trip to California. Sure I’ve gone for a few quick weekends, but this time I’m doing a road trip for three whole weeks with my son. I’m so very excited about seeing some friends, catching some sun, showing my son some sights, and eating lots of great food. Workouts will be a must. 

We will start in San Diego and work our way through the state North to the border of Oregon, winding up in San Francisco. Fun trip planned with lots of food adventures thrown in. Love the freshness of California cuisine, the authenticity of Cal-Mex (can you say Baja fish tacos?) and all the amazing Asian flavors throughout the state. I plan to hit food halls & farmer’s markets, breweries, distilleries & wineries. And so much more……
So come along with me over the next few weeks as I dive into food & beverages of all varieties all over the Golden State!

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