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2014 : A Year in Review

Clearly the last few months of the past year were busy as I wasn’t able to get a single entry posted. Between work related travel, my son’s activities and life in general, there just wasn’t much spare time to write.  Apologies for the silence and Happy New Year!!

Well 2014 was certainly full of many travel and food adventures.  I can never say I lead a boring life. Some of the most memorable moments/meals for me this past year included Raymi, Boqueria, The Harrison, Barbuto, OBAO, Bann and so many more in NYC; restaurants during my travels like The Silver Fork in Manchester VT and The Purple Pig in Chicago; a personal dinner invitation for me and my son to The North End Grill by Chef Floyd Cardoz; a chance meeting with Chef Naomi Pomeroy; a weekend long food romp in NYC to celebrate my birthday with friends; checked out the Umami Burger craze and quite liked it.  I decided to throw caution to the wind in 2014 and eat some amazing scallops at a local restaurant despite my known allergy – They just looked too good, I had Benadryl, and I survived!!!!

Sake at OBAO

Meal at OBAO

The culinary highlight of the year of course, was the unforgettable and once in a lifetime meal at The Inn at Little Washington (see previous post)

Dumpling Pancake

Not only did I get to eat out at wonderful restaurants in 2014 but I also cooked many meals and enjoyed delicious dinners with family and friends.  Some highlights included a Chinese New Year dumpling contest, making homemade pasta to go with the homemade sausage, a birthday pig roast and eating amazing homemade pizza in a brick oven imported all the way from Paraguay.  I made a monster sized chicken biryani for a family celebration and experimented with many new recipes.  I tried to blog my way through a diet to lose a few pounds but learned that it’s harder than I thought given my love for food.

Making Fettucine

Homemade Brick Oven Pizza
Whiskey Soda Lounge

I ended the year with two weeks in Portland and a week in Park City, Utah.  Some new restaurants that I loved this time around in Portland were the Whiskey Soda Lounge – amazing cocktails & chicken wings, The Yard House – a chain but the Korean short rib tacos had me go back twice more, the Vault martini bar – best martini I’ve ever had, and Tasty & Alder – a high note for the end of the year for certain.  Park City was not as much of a culinary success so I ended up cooking in quite a bit, since no one wants to go out after a long day of skiing.  We did find a great meal at Zoom on Main St for New Year’s Eve and some unexpectedly delicious Tuna Tacos at the Legacy Lodge at the base of the mountain.

One thing I already knew but was reminded of yet again when I returned from all my December travels, is that no matter how many great restaurants you go to, and delicious meals you eat, the best meal in the world is always the one you cook and eat at home upon returning from those travels.  And thus my first meal was a simple vegetarian Indian meal (that is MY comfort food) of Matki beans (type of lentil), stir fried okra, kadhee (yogurt based curry) and rice.  And when I had that first bite, it simply screamed “welcome home” to me.

And so we ring in 2015 with a resolution from me to write at least one post per week.  It is my escape from the craziness in everyday life and I haven’t escaped enough lately.  So please raise a glass with me to the new year and hope it brings us many delicious bites!!!

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