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Hurricane Food Survival Tips

The Persnickety Palate has been busy gathering material for the next post throughout this Hurricane Sandy experience and aftermath.  It has been a good lesson in how food & wine really do bring people together; particularly during tough times and put some brightness in our days.  Hope all those who have been affected are staying strong and warm!! 

If you need anything that doesn’t need me to drive (no gas in the car) please let me know.  Venting in allowed.

My Tips

I have spent the past few days emptying out my mother’s freezer, marinating chicken, fish, etc and cooking whatever we could salvage.  She keeps her freezer stocked for an army at all times and I just couldn’t bear to see all that food go to waste.  I have two large coolers set up on my back porch with ice since Tuesday morning to hold milk, cheese, eggs, butter and all the other perishable necessities.  With the cool weather and the addition of some ice from my mother’s freezer, everything has stayed cold till now.  Hoping to get more ice today to prepare for the long haul just in case.

Curries and stews last the longest and taste good as leftovers.  Just remember to reheat them daily.  Use the trunk of your car as storage since it’s fairly cold out there making refrigerator not necessary.  Your car may smell for a few days but heck it’s a small price to pay for some good homemade food.
Use leftover vegetables and meats to add to the canned chicken broth and make soups.  They will keep you warm and use up the food before it goes bad.

I have been lucky enough to store my frozen items at a generous friend’s house with power.  She has also taken us in each night for dinner and a few hours of heat.  I am also lucky enough to have down comforters and extra blankets to keep me warm at night and hot water for showers in the morning.  Walking everywhere due to the gas situation has allowed me to get a great workout in and lose some weight and also incented me to do my crunches, push ups and strength training with weights.

So while I am most definitely starting to get quite cranky, I am trying to look at this whole experience as positively as possible.  I find it helps me realize what the really important things are.  There are people out there who lost their homes and some even lost loved ones.  I am most definitely lucky & thankful.

Please stay warm, positive & cook some food if you can!!!  And don’t forget to pair it with a nice wine.


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